- A model for all breeds of dogs
- Does not use chemicals
- Converts dog waste to fertiliser
- Fits in the smallest garden
- Environmentally friendly
- Made from recycled plastic
- Lasts for years and years
- Designed and made in Australia.

Dog waste is unpleasant in the garden, horrible to step in, and a hazard to health. It is useless as manure, unlike the droppings of grain fed animals because it decomposes only very slowly.
THE PROBLEM IS NOW SOLVED... By installing a Petclean dog waste Disposer.
Never dig another hole, or hide dog waste in with the garbage; never again carry it through the house to the toilet.
No smelly garden - no flies. Without using harmful chemicals, the Petclean Disposer uses bacterial breakdown of dog and cat waste into nutrients that benefit all gardens. The specially moulded, ultra-violet stabilised tank is made from recycled plastic - it is durable and strong. All you see above the ground is a collar and foot operated lid. The Petclean Disposer is long lasting and does not need to be relocated. The tank is two-thirds full of water, which covers the waste, preventing flies and bugs breeding while containing the smell.
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